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Demolish and Build

Are you considering a demolish and build project?

Your home should be more than just a place to live. At Benlin Homes, we understand the importance of location and value when it comes to your home. We’re Perth’s demolish and build expert, here to help you find your perfect new home, in the neighbourhood you love most.

Choosing to demolish & build is a great way to get the house that you've always wanted, and stay in your current location. A new home on a block of land will be designed from the ground up to suit your needs and lifestyle.

With many years' experience in Perth's building industry, we can guide you through each step of the process.

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What we do
for you

  • Design Your New Home

  • Quote Demolition

  • Arrange Permits

  • Complete Demolition

  • Bring Your Home to Life

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Why Demolish Your Old Home to Build New?

If you love your current home, but think it might be time for a change, consider knocking it down and building a new one right in its place.

Whether you already have strong roots in your suburban neighbourhood or have found the perfect block of land with an existing house on it, you don’t have to sacrifice your location to get the home of your dreams.

By demolishing and rebuilding an already-existing property, you can take equity from the land and put it into a new home—a home that fits all your current and future needs. You can also avoid expensive renovation costs by starting fresh whilst living close by to your network; loved ones, schools, and community.

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Add an additional home to your block

If your existing block allows, we can plan for an additional house without demolishing the existing one. It’s an ideal solution for those looking to expand while keeping memories of the old home intact.

Your previous home can continue its life as the perfect space for visiting family and friends, or even creating an additonal income stream as a holiday rental home. With expert planning and construction, we can assist with maximising the possibilities of your block.


How does the demolish
and build process work?

Considerations for demolish & build projects

It’s important to work with a reputable builder that is a qualified professional to ensure a smooth demolition process from start to finish. Items that may be required when looking at undertaking a demolition project are listed below; these factors can affect the exact price of the demolition.

– Vegetation & root removal may be required.
– Removal of asbestos and building waste materials may incur disposal costs.
– Demolition of any pre-existing sheds or other structures on the property.
– Septic tanks and soakwells may need to be removed.
– Depending on its proximity to the house, swimming pools may need to be removed.
– Any excavation work required may incur additional costs, such as retaining wall removal and/or construction.

One story house with trees on the background

how much does it cost to demolish a house in perth?

If you’re considering a new build in Perth, you might have concerns about the cost of demolition. The cost of knocking down a house in Perth will depend on the location, size and accessibility of your property.

It’s a common misconception that renovating an existing property is always the more cost-effective option, but those in the know will tell you that renovations can become costly when you consider the cost of labour, materials and unforeseen problems that may come up as your project progresses. Renovations can quickly become complicated and time-consuming, which means costs rise exponentially.

When considering benefits and house demolition costs, keep in mind that there are several financial benefits to consider when weighing the pros and cons of renovating or demolishing. In contrast to the purchase and sale of existing property, there are relatively few transaction costs or fees associated with the demolish-and-build process, and, as an added benefit, no stamp duty is payable.

A brand new home may also offer several advantages, including the latest product innovations, lower energy bills due to efficient design, and the option to create a networked smart home.

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